Bartlomiej Swiatczak


Bartlomiej Swiatczak

Academic qualifications
Ph.D. Nicolaus Copernicus University 2005
Ph.D. European School of Molecular Medicine and University of Milan 2012 

Academic Employment History

2012- Associate Researcher, Department of History of Science, University of Science and Technology of China, China


Courses Thaught
SH05127: History of Medicine, Fall 2013

Research Grants & Awards
Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) Research Grant (2014-2015).
University of Science and Technology of China Youth Innovation Fund (2014- 2015)
Visiting Research Fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (2009-2010).
Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland) Research Grant (2005-2006). 

Refereed Journal Articles
1. Swiatczak B. 2013, Immune balance: The development of the idea and its applications, Journal of the History of Biology, pp. 1-33
2. Swiatczak B. 2012, Immune system, immune self. Introduction, Avant 3:12-18
3. Swiatczak B., Rescigno M. 2012, How the interplay between dendritic cells and microbiota tunes host immune responses, Seminars in Immunology 24: 43-49.
4. Swiatczak, B., Rescigno, M., Cohen, I. R. 2011, Systemic features of immune recognition in the gut, Microbes and Infection 13: 983-991.
5. Swiatczak, B. 2011, Conscious Representations. An Intractable Problem for the Computational Theory of Mind, Minds and Machines 21: 19-32.
6. Swiatczak, B. 2011, Indeterminism in the Immune System: The Case of Somatic Hypermutation, Paradigmi 1: 49-65.

Conference papers

• ”Life in harmony: The balancing role of the immune system”, The International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB), Montpellier, France 7-11 July, 2013.
• ”The crisis of self/nonself paradigm in immunology and rediscovery of the immune balance”, Philosophy & Theory in Biology Symposium, New York, April 12-14, 2013.
• “Modular architecture of immune recognition”, Paris, July 1, 2011, Philosophy of Immunology Seminar, IHPST, Paris.
• “Complexity and Context-Sensitivity of Immune Recognition”, Symposium: “Holism and Reductionism in the Post-genomic Era”, The European Philosophy of Science Association EPSA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 21-24, 2009.
• “On the nature of random immunological processes”, Gorino Sullam, First European Graduate Meeting in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Gorino Sullam, Italy, 2-6 September 2008.

Personal details

Bartlomiej Swiatczak, PhD
Associate Researcher
Department of History of Science,
University of Science and Technology of China
96 Jinzhai Road,
Hefei, 230026, P. R. China

Tel +86 15 156 681 707